Why gutter guard cleaning matters

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Gutter guards are great for keeping leaves and debris out of your gutters, so that rain water can easily flow from your roof, through your gutters and out your downspouts.

But even gutters installed with guards need seasonal gutter cleaning in order to prevent water buildup which can damage your home. Here’s why:

Debris can accumulate on top of gutter guards

Gutter guards provide a thick mesh that blocks leaves and debris from entering inside the gutters. But leaves and debris can still build up on top of the gutter guards, creating a moist blanket of leaves sitting for days, even months on your roof. Left unchecked, that moisture will penetrate your shingles and roof, resulting in thousands of dollars of property damage.

Even gutters with guards can accumulate dirt, leaves and debris.

Gutter guards aren’t debris-proof

Small leaves and particles from your shingles can get inside even the best installed gutter guards. Over time, those particles can build up and reduce the flow of water from your gutters. Eventually, you’ll have inefficient gutters that won’t properly drain water that can damage your roof.

But there’s an easy way to prevent roof damage.

Gutter guard cleaning matters

Seasonal gutter and roof debris cleaning is the best way to guard your gutters, your gutter guards, and your home from water damage. Here’s why:

  • Large debris can be safely removed from the roof. This keeps branches from puncturing the roof, or leaves from developing a blanket that seeps water into the shingles.
  • Gutters can be inspected and cleared of small debris or particles, so that water will flow swiftly away from your roof.
  • Seasonal maintenance is easier to schedule and far less expensive than costly roof repairs or replacement.

The easiest thing about seasonal gutter cleaning is that you don’t have to do it. Sierra Vista Maintenance can take care of it for you, with award-winning, highly-rated professional gutter cleaning. Family-owned and operated, we’re happy to take care of your gutter cleaning so you can enjoy your home and your investment.

Would you like seasonal gutter cleaning to protect your gutters and your home?

Get a free quote from Sierra Vista Maintenance, your professional gutter cleaning team for El Dorado Hills and Greater Sacramento.

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