Moss removal pressure washing

Pressure washing Services Sacramento CA

Here’s a before and after photo of how pressure washing can aid in moss removal. Before, these steps had lots of mold and moss build up, but after our pressure washing service, they’re as good as new.

Before and after Sierra Vista Maintenance’s professional pressure washing.

Do you want moss removal from your house?

If you’ve got steps with lots of mold, mildew or moss build up, a thorough pressure washing from a company like Sierra Vista Maintenance can make your steps look brand new again. First, we deep clean your concrete surfaces, patios, driveways and walkways of any dirt, moss and or mold. We can also remove any leaf stains or rust stains that may have accumulated over time.

After getting your steps cleaned, we can also wash the exterior face of your gutters and under your eaves. We’ll also wash down all exterior walls of dirt or grime.

We’ll also help you schedule for regular maintenance so you don’t have to worry about your exterior ever again. With pressure washing from Sierra Vista Maintenance, you’ll enjoy your home again. You’ll love a fresh, clean exterior and mold-free, moss-free patios and walkways.

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