Prevent moss, toxic mold and slippery surfaces with pressure washing

Protect your loved ones, guests and your home in the Sacramento area with Pressure Washing services. Chemical-free, family-safe Pressure Washing of your driveway, house exterior, deck, patio and concrete surfaces. 

  • Remove Destructive moss
  • Prevent toxic mold
  • Reduce slippery surfaces

Stop moss and mold from destroying your home

When exterior surfaces aren’t cleaned on a regular basis, mold and moss and can easily sprout up. When these start growing at your home in the Sacramento area, they can lead to serious problems:

  • Mold spores can create health risks to you and your family.
  • Moss growth can eventually crack and damage your shingles, resulting in expensive roof repair.
  • Walking on moldy and mossy surfaces can be hazardous.

However, there’s an easy way for you to prevent mold and moss from ruining your home: Pressure Washing.

Get Professional Pressure Washing for your home

Sierra Vista Maintenance provides pressure washing services for the Sacramento area so you can protect your home and those you love.

Pressure Washing Services in Sacramento and surrounding communities

House Washing

Make your home the star of the neighborhood with exterior house cleaning, including washing the face of gutters, under the eaves and exterior walls of dirt or grime.

Cleaning Driveways

Reduce unsightly, slippery surfaces with driveway washing to remove any dirt, moss or mold.

Refreshing Deck & Patios

Make your deck the life of the party with deck washing to remove any dirt, moss or mold.

Washing Concrete Walkways

Keep your walkways safe with concrete pressure washing to remove any dirt, moss or mold from your walkways, sidewalks or other concrete surfaces.

Rust Removal

Remove rust and orange battery acid from exterior surfaces with F9 BARC treatment.

Moss Removal

Protect your roof from moss damage with pressure washing to remove moss from your roof tiles. 

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