Detailed Dryer Vent Cleaning Services
Starting at $149

Dirty dryer vents are the 2nd leading cause of home fires in the US and can diminish your dryer’s performance, leading to higher energy bills and unsafe living conditions.

Sierra Vista Maintenance provides dryer vent cleaning for your home in the greater Sacramento area. Our dryer vent cleaning will bring peace of mind and help you to reduce fire risk, keep air flowing and save on energy bills.

What to expect with your dryer vent cleaning

  • A thorough inspection of all visible dryer hose connections. 
  • We will brush all parts of the vent to loosen and vacuum out lint and debris.
  • We test the dryer vent for airflow before and after the cleaning, so you’ll know what improvement to expect.
  • We provide before and after photos of the cleaning so you can see the difference.

3 Steps to Dryer Vent Cleaning


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